Copa Sudamericana Copa Sudamericana • Round 4
César Vallejo César Vallejo
? 2
? 3
Botafogo Botafogo

Starting XI:

W. Abreu Gallo W. Abreu Gallo (4-3-3)
1 Carlos Alfonso Grados Heredia Carlos Alfonso Grados Heredia G
19 Carlos Antonio Ascues Ávila Carlos Antonio Ascues Ávila D
6 Renzo Renato Garcés Mori Renzo Renato Garcés Mori D
2 J. Quiñónes Goicochea J. Quiñónes Goicochea D
23 Ronald Jonathan Quinteros Sánchez Ronald Jonathan Quinteros Sánchez M
80 Ángel Leonardo Rodríguez Güelmo Ángel Leonardo Rodríguez Güelmo M
7 Jairo David Vélez Cedeño Jairo David Vélez Cedeño M
8 Frank Joseph Ysique Alguedas Frank Joseph Ysique Alguedas M
16 S. González S. González M
27 Alejandro Junior Ramírez Zarate Alejandro Junior Ramírez Zarate A
17 Yorleys Mena Palacios Yorleys Mena Palacios A
(4-2-3-1) L. Ribeiro de Castro L. Ribeiro de Castro
G Lucas Estella Perri Lucas Estella Perri 12
D Fernando Marçal de Oliveira Fernando Marçal de Oliveira 21
D Víctor Leandro Cuesta Víctor Leandro Cuesta 15
D Leonel Di Plácido Leonel Di Plácido 24
D Adryelson Shawann Lima Silva Adryelson Shawann Lima Silva 34
M Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Alves Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Alves 33
M Danilo das Neves Pinheiro Danilo das Neves Pinheiro 6
M Marlon Rodrigues Freitas Marlon Rodrigues Freitas 17
A Francisco das Chagas Soares dos Santos Francisco das Chagas Soares dos Santos 9
A Gustavo Affonso Sauerbeck Gustavo Affonso Sauerbeck 10
A João Victor Santos Sa João Victor Santos Sa 7


28 Sais Giusseppe Santibáñez Cano Sais Giusseppe Santibáñez Cano D
4 Leandro Roberto Fleitas Leandro Roberto Fleitas D
12 Máximo Saúl Rabines Terrones Máximo Saúl Rabines Terrones G
20 Osnar Noronha Montani Osnar Noronha Montani M
25 Aldair Amarildo Fuentes Siguas Aldair Amarildo Fuentes Siguas M
24 Aldo Stefano Olaya Maker Aldo Stefano Olaya Maker M
70 Ray Andrés Vanegas Zúñiga Ray Andrés Vanegas Zúñiga A
30 Anderson Mishael Villacorta Beltrán Anderson Mishael Villacorta Beltrán D
22 Francesco Angel Flores Ayo Francesco Angel Flores Ayo M
M Kayque Luiz Pereira Kayque Luiz Pereira 62
D Daniel Fortunato Borges Daniel Fortunato Borges 20
D Hugo Gonçalves Ferreira Neto Hugo Gonçalves Ferreira Neto 16
A Carlos Alberto Gomes da Silva Filho Carlos Alberto Gomes da Silva Filho 27
D João Pedro Galvão de Carvalho João Pedro Galvão de Carvalho 57
G Douglas Borges Douglas Borges 22
M Rai da Silva Pessanha Rai da Silva Pessanha 75
A Jose Antonio dos Santos Junior Jose Antonio dos Santos Junior 37
D Philipe Sampaio Azevedo Philipe Sampaio Azevedo 94
A Luis Henrique Tomaz de Lima Luis Henrique Tomaz de Lima 11
D Luis Geovanny Segovia Vega Luis Geovanny Segovia Vega 4
A Janderson de Carvalho Costa Janderson de Carvalho Costa 39

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Victor Sá (0-1) assist by Marlon Freitas
Adryelson (0-2) assist by Marçal
Y. Mena
Gustavo Sauer (0-3) assist by Victor Sá
Victor Sá
L. Segovia Victor Cuesta
Raí Tchê Tchê
Philipe Sampaio Adryelson
JP Galvão Carlos Eduardo 
Y. Mena (1-3) assist by J. Vélez
O. Noronha Á. Rodríguez
Júnior Santos Gustavo Sauer
O. Noronha (2-3) assist by A. Ramírez
S. Olaya J. Vélez
A. Fuentes S. González


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Shots off target

Shots on target

12 7 3 3


2 Goals 3
13 Goal Attempts 8
8 Shots inside the box 7
7 Shots outside the box 3
104 Attacks 82
52 Dangerous Attacks 27
387 Passes 431
305 Accurate Passes 345
49% Possession 51%


3 Blocked Shots 1
0 Saves 1
15 Tackles 16
25 Throw-Ins 14
0 Penalties 0


1 Yellow Cards 2
0 2nd Yellow cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
14 Fouls 12


5 Offsides 2
10 Corners 1
3 Substitutions 5
0 Injuries 3
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