Champions League Women Champions League Women • Round 3
Juventus W Juventus W
? 1
? 1
Arsenal W Arsenal W

Starting XI:

J. Montemurro J. Montemurro
16 Pauline Peyraud Magnin Pauline Peyraud Magnin G
23 Cecilia Salvai Cecilia Salvai D
13 Lisa Boattin Lisa Boattin D
71 Martina Lenzini Martina Lenzini D
8 Martina Rosucci Martina Rosucci M
2 Sofie Junge-Pedersen Sofie Junge-Pedersen M
21 Arianna Caruso Arianna Caruso M
15 Julia Angela Grosso Julia Angela Grosso D
10 Cristiana Girelli Cristiana Girelli A
11 Barbara Bonansea Barbara Bonansea A
18 Lineth Beerensteyn Lineth Beerensteyn A
J. Eidevall J. Eidevall
G Manuela Zinsberger Manuela Zinsberger 1
D Steph Catley Steph Catley 7
D Laura Wienroither Laura Wienroither 26
D Carlotte Wubben-Moy Carlotte Wubben-Moy 3
M Jordan Nobbs Jordan Nobbs 8
M Lia Wälti Lia Wälti 13
M Frida Leonhardsen Maanum Frida Leonhardsen Maanum 12
A Caitlin Foord Caitlin Foord 19
M Katie McCabe Katie McCabe 15
A Vivianne Miedema Vivianne Miedema 11
A Stina Blackstenius Stina Blackstenius 25


22 Agnese Bonfantini Agnese Bonfantini A
9 Sofia Cantore Sofia Cantore A
12 Matilde Lundorf Skovsen Matilde Lundorf Skovsen D
32 Linda Brigitta Sembrant Linda Brigitta Sembrant D
38 Camilla Forcinella Camilla Forcinella G
24 Nicole Arcangeli Nicole Arcangeli A
3 Sara Gama Sara Gama D
1 Roberta Aprile Roberta Aprile G
19 Annahita Zamanian Annahita Zamanian A
7 Valentina Cernoia Valentina Cernoia M
33 Evelina Duljan Evelina Duljan A
27 Eva Schatzer Eva Schatzer M
D Katie Reid Katie Reid 62
G Kaylan Marckese Kaylan Marckese 18
D Jennifer Beattie Jennifer Beattie 5
  Michelle Agyemang Michelle Agyemang 59
A Mana Iwabuchi Mana Iwabuchi 23
D Noelle Maritz Noelle Maritz 16
G Naomi Williams Naomi Williams 40

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S. Junge-Pedersen
L. Beerensteyn (1-0) assist by C. Girelli
V. Miedema (1-1) assist by F. Leonhardsen-Maanum
S. Blackstenius
J. Beattie J. Nobbs
N. Maritz L. Wienroither
S. Cantore B. Bonansea
A. Bonfantini A. Caruso
L. Beerensteyn
L. Walti
E. Duljan L. Beerensteyn


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Shots off target

Shots on target

6 9 4 7


1 Goals 1
77 Attacks 81
29 Dangerous Attacks 36
44% Possession 56%


0 Penalties 0


2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0


2 Corners 7
3 Substitutions 2
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