Champions League Women Champions League Women • Round 3
Zurich W Zurich W
? 0
? 3
Lyon W Lyon W

Starting XI:

I. Grings I. Grings
1 Seraina Friedli Seraina Friedli G
26 Laura Vetterlein Laura Vetterlein D
8 Julia Stierli Julia Stierli D
2 Naomi Mégroz Naomi Mégroz D
9 Eleni Markou Eleni Markou A
24 Kim Dubs Kim Dubs A
15 Marion Rey Marion Rey M
17 Seraina Piubel Seraina Piubel M
11 Nadine Riesen Nadine Riesen A
20 Fabienne Humm Fabienne Humm M
4 Irina Brütsch Irina Brütsch D
S. Bompastor S. Bompastor
G Claudia Christiane Endler Mutinelli Claudia Christiane Endler Mutinelli 1
D Wendie Renard Wendie Renard 3
D Janice Cayman Janice Cayman 23
A Perle Morroni Perle Morroni 5
D Alice Sombath Alice Sombath 18
M Danielle van de Donk Danielle van de Donk 17
M Lindsey Horan Lindsey Horan 26
A Eugénie Le Sommer Eugénie Le Sommer 9
A Delphine Cascarino Delphine Cascarino 20
M Signe Kallesøe Bruun Signe Kallesøe Bruun 24
A Melvine Malard Melvine Malard 28


31 Kim Bollmann Kim Bollmann G
19 Leela Egli Leela Egli M
6 Oliwia Woś Oliwia Woś D
25 Siv Schefer Siv Schefer D
5 Vanessa Bernauer Vanessa Bernauer M
21 Lourdes Romero Lourdes Romero G
16 Annina Enz Annina Enz M
7 Alayah Pilgrim Alayah Pilgrim A
23 Noa Schärz Noa Schärz M
10 Viktoria Pinther Viktoria Pinther A
A Ines Benyahia Ines Benyahia 25
M Maeline Mendy Maeline Mendy 37
M Nesrine Bahlouli Nesrine Bahlouli 31
G Emma Holmgren Emma Holmgren 40
A Selma Bacha Selma Bacha 4
A Vicki Becho Vicki Becho 27
M Kysha Sylla Kysha Sylla 19
G Paljevic Alyssia Paljevic Alyssia 30
M Inès Jauréna Inès Jauréna 2
M Dzsenifer Marozsan Dzsenifer Marozsan 10
D Vanessa Gilles Vanessa Gilles 21

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M. Malard (0-1) assist by E. Le Sommer
S. Bruun (0-2) assist by M. Malard
V. Becho D. Cascarino
S. Bacha P. Morroni
I. Benyahia E. Le Sommer
V. Bernauer E. Markou
V. Pinther K. Dubs
S. Bruun (0-3) assist by M. Malard
D. Marozsan D. van de Donk
V. Gilles J. Cayman
A. Pilgrim M. Rey
L. Egli F. Humm


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Shots off target

Shots on target

2 8 3 14


0 Goals 3
71 Attacks 114
28 Dangerous Attacks 59
33% Possession 67%


0 Penalties 0


0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0


4 Corners 7
4 Substitutions 5
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